Arthritis and the Community Pharmacist 

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A solid understanding of the management of arthritis, including self-management strategies and pharmacological management, is essential to provide the greatest impact on the lives of people with arthritis.

Developed by the Arthritis Society, this program is designed to give pharmacists the tools, skills and knowledge to provide guidance to their patients with arthritis.

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Time Commitment

Each module is estimated at 2-3 hours for a total of 7 hours of learning.

 Multi-Device Compatible

Access all interactive components from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of accreditation requirement.


As a community pharmacist, you may feel helpless at times when patients ask you what they can do to help relieve joint pain after they have “tried everything”. Did you know that there are easy self-management strategies and techniques, in addition to medications, that you can explain to help your patients who have joint pain?

This program helps pharmacists provide guidance to their patients with various forms of arthritis (i.e., osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) and consists of three modules.

  1. Arthritis Management and the Community Pharmacist: A Primer – provides an overview of arthritis and its many types
  2. Osteoarthritis and the Community Pharmacist - focuses exclusively on osteoarthritis and the application of clinical best practices, including pharmacologic strategies
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Community Pharmacist – focuses on rheumatoid arthritis, with an emphasis on the pharmacologic management


This program was made possible by a partnership with the Arthritis Society. We gratefully acknowledge the many stakeholders who have played a role in the development of these modules.

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Sue MacQueen, PT, BScPT
    Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care
    Arthritis Society
  • Diane McGall, OT Reg. (Ont.)
    Occupational Therapist, Advanced Training in Rheumatology
    Arthritis Society
  • Margaret Duffy, PT, MHSc
    Director, Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program (AREP)
    Arthritis Society
  • Carolyn Whiskin, BScPhm, NCMP (modules 2 and 3)
    Director, Pharmacy Programs
    The Charlton Centre, Hamilton, ON
    Pharmacist, Brant Arts Dispensary
    Burlington, ON

Steering Committee:

  • Ed Ziesmann, Vice President, Education, Programs and Services, Arthritis Society
  • Margaret Duffy, Director, AREP, Arthritis Society
  • Deanna Bowlby, Manager, Education Services, Arthritis Society
  • Sydney Brooks, Director of Research, Arthritis Society
  • Raquel Sweezie, Project Analyst, Arthritis Society


Accreditation Details

CCCEP File Number: 1066-2018-2494-I-P

This continuing education program has been accredited by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) for a total of 7 CEUs.

Please note that in order to successfully complete the full certificate program, you must complete and pass all module requirements. Participants who successfully complete all module requirements will receive a printable Program Certificate.

Accreditation expires: August 17, 2019.


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