Medical Cannabis IQ: An Introduction 

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This introductory program covers the most meaningful topics and offers a standard baseline level of information that can help a variety of professional groups understand the fundamentals about medical cannabis. It focuses on the different components, explains the most common uses, demonstrates the potential risks, summarizes the administration methods, and reviews the current regulations.

Available June 2017

Time Commitment

This program is estimated at ≈ 1.0 hour of learning.


Access all interactive and video components from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Professionals and consumers interested in learning more about medical cannabis.


Currently being developed by an inter-collaborative planning committee, the online, one-hour Medical Cannabis Introductory Program will provide participants with an overview of medical cannabis.

There is a great need for education due to the large number of stakeholders and the ever-changing information surrounding medical cannabis. This introductory program will cover the most meaningful topics and will offer a baseline level of information that can help a variety of professional groups understand the fundamentals about cannabis.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be better able to understand these key learning points:

  • Describe the different components of cannabis
  • Explain the most common uses of cannabis
  • Summarize current regulations in Canada
  • Demonstrate the potential short and long-term risks of cannabis use
  • Summarize the most common methods to administer cannabis
  • Review some of the key education for people prescribing cannabis

Planning Committee

  • Dr. Michelle Acorn, DNP NP PHC/Adult
    Primary Health Care - Global Health NP Co-ordinator, Lecturer
    University of Toronto, Ontario

  • Michael Boivin, B. Pharm., CDE, CTE, CTH
    Clinical Pharmacist Consultant, CommPharm Consulting Inc.
    Barrie, Ontario

  • Dr. Caroline MacCallum, FRCPC, BSc Pharm
    Clinical Instructor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
    Internist, VGH Dept Hematology/BMT & UBC Hospital
    Director, Greenleaf Medical Clinic
  • Erin Prosk
    Director, Santé Cannabis

  • Alex Revich
    Senior Cannabis Educator

  • Chris Spooner, ND, BSc
    University of British Columbia Okanagen – Adjunct Professor,
    Faculty of Health and Social Development
    Paradigm Medical

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Important Notice

Medical Cannabis IQ: An Introduction will be available for purchase in June 2017.

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Price: $99.00 (CAD)