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Can I preview a program before purchasing?
Unfortunately, we do not offer the ability to preview programs without purchase. You can refer to a program's details page to find out more.

How do I access a program?
Program access is a two-step process. First, you must create an Advancing Practice account (click the Register button at the top right of your screen. Then you must purchase the program you are interested in. Once the program has been purchased, you will have immediate access to it.

How do coupon codes work?
Once you have received a coupon code, go to the purchasing page of the program you are interested in and enter the coupon code in the designated section. Click ‘Update Cart’ and your new total will reflect the discount applied. Continue with the purchase to have access to the program. Please note: even if your total is $0.00, you must proceed through checkout to gain access to your program.

Can you send me printed materials for your programs?
We do not offer our programs in hard copy. You are welcome to print them from the web at your convenience. For some programs, PDFs are available for easy printing on the module main pages.

How do I access certificates and statements?
All your certificates and statements are accessible through your Professional Development Log as well as the following: module Statements of Participation are available in each module’s accreditation page; the Program Certificate is on each program’s landing page.

Please note that you must use the Statements of Participation to claim CE credits, as all other certificates and statements do not list the number of hours/credits associated with your learning.

Can you mail my certificates to me?
At this time, we only offer certificates in a printable PDF format. Please feel free to print them however you would like.

Why do modules still say “In Progress” after I’ve completed them?
Please make sure you have met all the accreditation criteria for each module. On the module accreditation page, you will either have a list of outstanding items to complete, or a link to your Statement of Participation. The Statement of Participation link will appear automatically when you have met all criteria.

If you’ve met all the criteria, click on the link to your Statement of Participation. Once you have clicked on this link, the program landing page will update and the module will show as “Completed.”

Please be sure to select the right Statement of Completion, based on your profession, as not doing so may mean difficulties in obtaining your Program Certificate.

How do I get my Program Certificate? 
You must complete all the accreditation requirements and request the same Statement of Participation type (based on your profession) in each module of the program. Please make sure you select the same type for all modules otherwise you will not be provided with the link to receive your Program Certificate.

Once you have requested your Statement of Participation from each module, your Program Certificate will be available for request on your program landing page. Once requested and obtained, it will also be saved in your Professional Development Log.

Please note that the last step of certificate-level programs is a Test Your Knowledge component. As such, your Program Certificate will only show once this component is marked, which can take four to six weeks.

When do programs expire?
Expiry dates are listed on the main page of each module in each program. Upon expiry, a new re-accredited version of the program will be launched. If not being reaccredited, participants will be notified by email 2-3 months prior to expiry.

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Education Program for Immunization Competencies

EPIC is no longer available online. Please email us at for similar programs.

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